has it been hard without television or the web?

2CXLO yes.

but the good news is the cats and i are bonding and im reading the bible every day.

and im cleaning like mad. which mostly consists of throwing everything out.

even the good stuff.

which i have a lot of.

two closets which have been jam packed with muck for the last 12 years are now far less mucky. one ended up empty!

mom you should stop reading the rest of this blog post

i found a dead uh visitor in one of the closets. it got lost in the clutter and couldnt find its way out and cursed me with its last mini rodent breath. i didnt even know what it was when i picked it up but when it landed in the garbage its dust formed a familiar pattern.

and it squeaked screw you busblog.

there were two themes in the closets: music and smut. far too much of both. in wild assortments of delivery devices.

all of it must go. some of it has already gone.

realized i have three drills. im not mr handy, sorry ladies, but i know how to work a drill. i have two 18″ bits so i can put a hole through pretty much anything in your home: brick, stone, marble. you do learn a few things in the xbi.

so many remote controls. the grandest collection of AC adapters. and then there are the love letters.

how can a man have low self esteem with the reams of beautifully handwritten letters women from around the world have given me, and yet, alas, it’s true. in my mind no one has ever really wanted me, and if they had it was a passing fad, and that was only due to intoxications.

but then i read a few of these and i was like, are those seriously for me?

one woman typed using a typewriter while taking a bath and drinking. after each paragraph she would type

drink time. ding!

then she drew a picture of herself. and it was fantastic!

who was this tony pierce of days gone by?

who knows and who cares, it’s all now being recycled somewhere in Irwindale unless a junkie needs to wipe his bloody spike off on it, in which case, bon appetite.