so the first half of my life is over. great. what next.


no question ive done a lot of cool things since moving to LA 30 years ago.

so what. now what?

is this the time to have kids? can you do cool stuff while raising kids? mabes, but i probably couldnt.

fine, no kids. then what? start a business? get a condo in DTLA? move to africa and save them from themselves?

aint no saving anyone. when adam and eve were the only ninjas in the garden they still did what God told em would kill em.

should i run for political office? i dont like wearing suits or shaking strangers hands.

should i be more active in the Church? should i start my own Church? nah. no one wants the church i’d give em.

maybe teach, maybe learn, maybe travel, maybe read books. for what though. what good are all these books.

do the people who read the most books do the most good for the world or do they just buy more books?

should i adopt a kid? should i clean my apartment? should i do the unspeakable:

do everything i can to accumulate as much money as i can in my bank account?

joan rivers did that and she never seemed happy. she gave $100 million to her daughter when she died.

but she lived like she was broke. hawking crud on cable tv to people who shoulda saved their money.

how do you die with $100 million when you coulda given half of that away?

maybe i should just write. and judge. and sin. by judging. but really write this half.

thats what bukowski did and we are all better for it.

and finally give those page turners something to turn.

leave something behind for the ninjas not born yet.

share the wealth. share the know how. share the lessons.

pass the dutchie pan the left front side.

delicious bday. people were super nice on the web

took a lyft to work and then to kanpai and then home so i could eat drink and be merry

got to kanpai and my mom had called ahead and gave them her credit card

which was a pleasant surprise

chris ali and mary were there.

so much was eaten and dranken.

im a very lucky man.

thank you all for all of it.

amber was super dooper sweet

and omg Alyson from Canada – ahahah thank you!

next year’s is gonna be in vegas.

why not.