got beeped in Culver City and this super hot chick comes out

shit happensi go Greg?

she says no, i’m a friend of Greg, he will be out as soon as he settles his check with the waitress.

and i start cursing this Greg under my breath thinking things like, why would you order an Uber before you have paid for your meal? why is it ok for us to wait and not you? what is wrong with the world???

a few minutes out comes the hot babe again but with an even hotter and younger woman. in between them is an old man.

he gives them each some cash and kisses them on their cheeks and he slides into the back seat of my car.

we start driving.

i say, tell me your secrets, sensei.

turns out Greg is a photographer who lived in Haight Ashbury right before it became The Spot in the ’60s.

i asked, how did you know to live there?

he said, i didn’t. i got lucky. it was close to the University of San Francisco.

he told me they smoked weed, dropped acid, and had lots and lots of free love.

i said, so that was real?

he said, very real. beautifully real.

i said, but you still got it?

he said, no no, im old, no longer good looking. but being a photographer does have its advantages.

Greg told me that 15% of all models will have sex with their photographers. he advised me never to make the first move. always have wine. and tell them things like, “imagine the man of your dreams just walked into your bedroom. how would you treat him. what would you say. what would you do?” and then keep taking pictures. take too many pictures.

i said, i take lots of photos and theyre all terrible.

he said, take twice as many. use good equipment. but never stop.

we wound our way up the hill in Bel Air, he got out and he tipped me $8.

it was his first Uber. and it made my night.