after awhile you know whats going on

tumblr_ncgricQjyS1socxyho1_500theres an intuition, a confidence.

theres no need to be cocky about it. thats for the sucker mcs.

but in your heart you know before you do it how its gonna turn out and as it unfolds you really cant blame anyone but yourself when it plays out the way you always knew it would.

it was about 1:20am. it wasnt surging yet in DTLA but i knew it would in about 15 minutes.

i was parked on 7th street near Broadway and if i was a smoker i woulda hopped out of the car, found a friendly nook in a building to lean against and burned my fag.

instead i failed at the game of Patience, turned on the app and got dinged over by the Arts district. instead of refusing it to wait for the rates to double, i thought, you know, it’ll probably be a short ride to the other part of DTLA and you’ll be perfectly situated for bars to close.

but a part of me said, it’s not worth it for a $5-$10 ride.

it took 11 minutes to get there and then they made me wait for 5 minutes. all of it was torture.

you dont really Uber *for* the money, but there are certain times of the night where you can easily make $80-$100 in one ride. if you’re patient: and lucky. i was neither. i could have canceled the ride after five minutes but i was already way over there in the arts district and i didnt wanna be the reason someone hated uber.

of course we had to drive all the way to hollywood. of course then the guy wanted his friends to get dropped off first and then he wanted to go to silver lake.

misery misery misery as he just texted and tweeted the whole time as we drove cheap miles eating away at the clock.

and i reminded myself no one was gonna get rich with uber except the founders and the pre-ipo stock holders. just enjoy the yeah yeah yeahs playing on sirius.

finally dropped him off and saw DTLA was surging at 4x the rate and i said never again. and suffered.