still only a buck

still only one buck jay cutler

took the cats to the vet yesterday after the bears lost and you know how they put animals to sleep when they’re old?

thats what i wanted them to do to me after my team fell to last place in the nfc norris

this isnt supposed to happen to anyone but the Cubs.

and the reason why i believe you should never pay a quarterback more than a few million bucks

until he gives you a ring.

pretty boy jay is making $127 million over seven years. and he’s terrible.

was terrible before they gave him the dough ray me but he’s handsome and tall

and looks like the type of guy who should be a gazillionaire.

so he got it.

i dress like a bum so guess what i’ll never make that sorta money which is fine.

when youre hungry you produce things. you hustle. you cant afford to be lazy and horrid.

my tv works now as does my internet but sometimes i wish i was still in the dark ages.