this is prince, he’s gonna get his balls cut off tomorrow


ive never been responsible for doing that to a living creature before

so i’m giving him a little special attention tonight.

sad thing is i had to take food away from he and his sister michael and theyre both sniffing around

seeing if somewhere theres some damn food.

shes getting her tubes tied tomorrow.

population control is super important, but when it comes down to it you’re still changing someones life.

prince is my favorite. he sits outside of my door.

any time i come home he runs toward me.

he’ll sleep on my arm as i watch tv on the couch.

trusts my every move.

his sister is an actual cat.

shes gonna hate me even more when she figures out what happened.

theres a lot to hate about the St. Louis Cardinals

nice touch cardinals

they win too much
they fired harry caray
they stole Lou Brock from us
and of course many of their fans are racist
well some of them.
(although not my friends from blogger/twitter/LA Times)

but tonight they did something not terrible.

On Sunday their top prospect, Oscar Taveras, a right fielder, died in a car crash near his home in the Dominican Republic.

He was just 22.

So tonight in Busch Stadium they turned on the lights in right field.

slow clap

the irony in this statement is ironic

cameron diaz something about mary

“I remember seeing There’s Something About Mary in the theaters when I was in my 20s, and there’s Cameron Diaz, who looks like Cameron Diaz, but she’s also a doctor, and she also loooves hamburgers, and she starts out playing golf in the morning, and all she wants from a man is a guy who wants to take her to a football game, and she wants to eat hot dogs and drink real beer. Real beer! And I thought, Wow, that’s a cool girl! And then I thought, Oh, right. She’s been invented by guys.”

– Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl
via vulture