driving to watts with a guy dressed as a naked dude at 2:15am


Last night I picked up this group in DTLA at the Mayan at 2am during a 1.75x surge, meaning the ride would cost nearly double the normal rate.

They punched in their destination in the app before I arrived. When I started the ride I saw on the map it was gonna be a long one to the South. 114th street I asked? They said yep. We were currently on 11th.

I asked what sorta music they wanted to hear. They said 105.5 FM which is a spanish music channel. And we were off.

Drove south on the 110 and when we went east on the 105 I realized we were headed to Watts.

watts nbd

When we got there I asked is this really Watts? They said yep. I asked which way is the Watts Tower (I’d never been). They pointed.

The guy in the black shirt said “but wear a helmet” and chuckled.

Dropped them off in a mighty scary area. Two guys were selling drugs at the corner like in the movies. Cars were speeding by abandoned buildings. But as I was driving away from my passengers, they yelled to me.

They then gave me a $10 tip.

Amazing how sometimes the poorest people living in the scariest parts of town will be the most generous after a $30 ride. Whereas some of the richest people living in the lap of luxury will whine about a $10 ride and not even consider tipping (or even being polite) to the guy driving them home in the middle of the night.

Long live Watts.