fridays are 16 hour days


but for some reason i love them.

i was born to work hard. and then play hard.

usually i get tired around 2am on friday nights and 4am on saturdays.

hopefully i can catch some good long rides before midnight so i dont have to try to hustle super hard from 1-3am.

your dear girl is finally in rehab but her recklessness and my foolish trust has put me a little in the credit card hole

which im sure i can get out of but its actually against the bible to have big credit debts so im a little uptight about that.

even though it was for a good cause.

but the best part about uber is i should have it all paid off before Christmas if i sock most of my earnings towards the bill.

and then i can get something cool for myself, like an iPad

or a Rolls.

all i really want is some new jeans

and for my momma to be happy.