1. Wednesday, October 1, 2014

    had to take Prince and Michael to the vet today 

    prince and michaelamber took care of the details i just dropped everyone off and left my credit card behind.

    im gonna have to stop doing that because Uber doesnt pay well any more.

    anyway here are some things i think my money paid for

    – shots
    – vaccines
    – immunizations
    – backrubs
    – tummytucks
    – flea baths
    – weiner snippings
    – tubes tied
    – ties dyed
    – find my iphone dohickeys
    – baptisms
    – fortunes told
    – brainwashings
    – deprogrammings
    – circus tricks
    – nails clipped
    – ears scratched
    – general trauma
    – overall checkup
    – age detected
    – fingerprinting

    but i have a feeling none of that happened, we’ll see.