saw Lorde last night at the Greek

lordeshe’s tremendous. i shoulda seen her both nights.

there was a time not that long ago where i listened to Lorde every morning as i showered for 6 months straight.

never the same song, always different ones.

she intrigues me how she can be so mature for her age (17). and yet so much about her lyrics are about kid stuff

going to the tennis courts

sitting in the back seat of the car looking at houses

being told by the djs what to do with her hands

in concert she looks down at the ground alot and hides her face with her hair

she jerks around like that dude from radiohead and angus from ac/dc

she seems to be having issues with stage fright and total excitement that shes one of the biggest stars in the world

without having to show off her body or date the cute boy from the huge movie.

its interesting that taylor swift wants to be besties with her because theyre totally opposite live

taylor has all the rockstar poses and dancers and party favors and pianos and guitars

lorde just gets up there and starts singing her sad songs in long robes and old lady gowns

puts her head down and convulses during the musical parts.

she addressed the crowd just once in a little convo where she said how a year ago she was new to LA

and playing in far smaller venues, but everyone was super nice and supportive to her and now a year later

shes sold out two nights at the Greek.

she seemed legit impressed and humbled by it.

so much so that i bought two bootleg tshirts.