1. Monday, October 13, 2014

    today is canadian thanksgiving 

    the world needs more canada

    you know how many good times ive had in canada?


    ive partied with rock stars, wooed by locals, been escorted to rippers

    kids even asked me to pose for photos and give them my autograph

    we wont even talk about the trouble this 17-18 year old ashley wanted after she stole my cap

    ashley canada

    what is it with people who wanna steal my caps?

    anyways ive had a blast there. the people are sweet. the beers are delicious.

    the cold weather doesnt even seem all that cold and people dont even dress like it’s cold.

    the food? mama mia. the food. you know i love the food.

    every time ive been there it was a funner weirder excursion than the next.

    did i tell you the time i was in a hot tub with lesbians on new years eve and it began to snow?

    i wanted to stay there forever.

    im so thankful for you canada.

    im glad mexico isnt our hat.