we’re not here to change for someone else

Matthew Grabelskyif she wants an ape she’s gonna find her perfect ape boy.

if he wants a coffee sipping subway rider, he’s gonna find what he’s looking for.

if you stay in your condo all day and drink wine and read the newspapers and never discover that you have actual wings that actually take you places you will never

actually live.

we are here to actually live

actual lives.

lives that span more than just one trip around the sun, hun.

this belief that things are supposed to be like how they were in the Bronte’s time is stuff white ppl like. but white ppl get divorced like all the damn time so either they also like divorce or they realize we dont die at 40 which means why get married at 28.

we die when we sell out and make the baby Jesus cry.

i want to be constantly changing, constantly growing, constantly meeting new people of all walks. of all runs. of all flights.

you have to break a lot of eggs to make a chocolate cake but after brunch comes lunch and then linner

bitch aint had linner in forlever.

then supper then dessert then after drinnker drinks somewhere you aint never been before

long drives through the woods on a school night

quick flights to whereever cuz we’re young and beautiful and the world is ours.

a row boat ride to the other side.

the lord gave us two legs and one heart that beats for someone

and if she wants to have it beat for someone she can beat down

then im not down.