i dont get too caught up in politics

avocadosit’s all rich people anyways pandering to big business and the rich.

dudes trying to figure out how they can stop people from voting or make it so people who do vote have their votes diminished.

and once they get into office how they can stop the majority from doing the things they were elected to do.

if politics was city planning theyd all plan on figuring out new ways to cause traffic jams.

instead of working on ways to get people home faster, safer, and smarter.

theres all these poor people politicians dont seem to care about, and sick people, and dumb people.

theres all these opportunities for america to take advantage of all the advantages we have

but does washington dc ever actually do any of that?

the only thing they can agree on is find new ways to blow shit up and be the police of the world.

and grow more corn.

and make the 1% richer.

so when people say politicians dont do anything, that’s not entirely true.

and when they meet their maker on judgement day: