was in the Vons parking lot at 8pm across from the Vista


i craned my neck to see if dumbass Gone Girl was still playing there and i saw it was Intersteller

i was all, say whaaaa? for it was Thursday and I didn’t think it was coming out till Friday.

still in my car i checked the listings in Fandango and sure enough it was playing the Vista and in 45 mins it was gonna screen.

also it warned me that the running time was an epic 2 hours and 45 minutes.

so i went into the store and bought four huge deals of kitty litter, some banannas, a couple of avocados

and one of those sushi meals in a plastic box.

while waiting in the checkout line i also grabbed three 20 ounce bottle of Coke.

got home, pet the cats, made sure they had food and water. changed into a Tsar tshirt and sweat pants

and walked to the movies.

all of that was far more exciting, believable, and interesting than the movie.

Christopher Nolan may be a genius and there were elements of this film that were creative

and i will give him points for being so G-D ambitious in a time where everyone plays it safe safe safe.

but it was a ghost story wrapped in space epic constantly being haunted by those who did it much better

namely mr stanley kubrick and his 1968 masterpiece 2001.

in fact the best thing i can think to say about interstellar is it reminds us all how superbly fantastic 2001 was.

and still is.

because if 46 years later, one of the absolute top directors in the world

can’t even shine your shoes

then you have made something beautiful that deserves all the praise forever and ever amen.

and nolan needs to get a few friends who will say, no, bro, this aint happening.