working six days a week has its benefits: riches, bitches, grillz

tiredbut somewhere along the way you get tired. especially once you realize that money is a phony game of pretend

and even the good book said beware beware beware.

its easier for a camel to get through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to get into the gates of heaven is one of our best clues from Jesus himself that the almighty dollar isn’t what the almighty is about.

even though that metaphor, like Hole, is pretty on the inside, what they were talking about was this narrow mountain pass in Israel a long long time ago.

if you and your camel were traveling light, you could make it through the pass no probs

but if you were an old school hoarder and you had gold in a sack over here and silver in a sack over there and all of it hanging off your camel, it would have a mighty rough time squeezing through the treacherous narrow paths, and especially the tiny passageway known back then as

The Eye of the Needle

the good book is trying to tell us that frankincense, myrrh, rolexes, beamers, and all of our Stuff is not only not necessary in Paradise

but it’s more of a burden to us here on Earth than we think.

when Jesus asks whose face he sees on a coin, the dude says oh thats Julius Caesar.

to which Jesus tosses the coin to the bro and says “give to Caesar what’s Caesar’s”

as if to say, LOL kid stuff.

what Jesus is about is what we should all be about: soul.

soul has no price. a rich man can’t buy it at Kitson’s and take it home and show all of his rich asshole friends.

soul comes from something priceless and is nurtured with each step we take, each decision we make, each action, every word, and if you’re playing the advanced portion of the game: every single thought.

fakers laughed at Jimmy Carter when he admitted to Playboy that he sins with his heart, but the xpresident is more than just a bible reader, he’s an expert on soul.

and love.

and peace.

and doing unto his neighbor the way he’d a wanted his neighbor to do unto his ass.

so it’s ok to work hard, and long, and for a good purpose, just remember that any asswipe can collect cash.

the real trick is ignoring the sparkly flashy distractions that weigh us down from getting out of the desert.