you cant run away from your problems

big hero 6

by halftime last night the Bears were down 42-0 and the QB was still in the game and the coach was still employed

so i got in my car and headed to Jack in the Box to order everything on the menu

and a diet dr pepper.

then i drove to Burbank to escape into a movie, any movie. who cares. NOTHING MATTERS ANYWAYS

so i paid $17.50 to see Big Hero 6 in 3D.

as i was paying i heard a guy next to me say he just paid $70 for himself, his date, and the couple parking the car.

“don’t worry Skip, i’m sure they’ll get the popcorn.”

70 dollars worth of popcorn?

did i like the film? of course not. how is anyone supposed to like anything when the Bears have a quarterback who hates winning and a coach who is so in love with said field general that he refuses to take him out of the game despite failing to score a point in the first half?

i drank my coke, ate my junior mints and fell asleep about half way through and dreamt i was younger and beautiful women loved my blog.

i woke up old, bald, mouth half full of chocolate and 3d glasses showing me the lamest disney film id seen since Alice in Wonderland.

i would make the most horrible father. so mild mannered through the week but come Sunday my emotions go up and down based on how the monsters of the midway play.

their record is now three wins and five losses.


precisely how many new films ive fully enjoyed this year.

my house is a mess but my maid arrives this week. thats pretty much the best thing ive got going for me.

unless of course, the bears trade cutler for a bag of magic beans.