today is my one year anniversary at the academy


you never know how life is gonna work out, but it usually does.

me and jobs. man. on the scoreboard things go well. i try to be nice and lovely to everyone. jokes, stories.

i try to live by the example that we can kick all our competitors’ butts, etc.

but after a while i end up on the street. it’s so weird. who did i piss off?

maybe no one. maybe it was all the stars above saying oh crap, tony needs to be at the academy, dont let him get too comfortable over at the radio station, or newspaper, or tv station.

or maybe all of those experiences were perfect for what i get to do now, which is communicate digitally through various avenues.

all i know is im so happy, so stoked, so grateful.

mostly im grateful to work with the brilliant team i get to be with every day.


whats it like at the oscars? you think you know everything about an event youve seen every year,

but until you’re right there, backstage, or in front of these moviemakers, you realize… i realized, theres a lot more to it.

emotions, absolute joy, coolnessness.

the pretty dresses and tuxes all blur, but you can see the auras pretty plainly and often they are glorious.

it’s also fascinating to watch a telecast that really has no peers.

there’s nothing in the world like the Oscars.


but what i never realized was how many events the academy hosts outside of the big  show.

fascinating discussions based around movies that changed everything.

movies that still hold up 20, 30, 50 years later.

movies i’ve never seen before. people ive never heard of. stories i didnt know existed.

techniques for telling those stories. costumes, cinematography, sounds

and one great thing about being at many of these events is you learn so much.

you hear how all these creative and determined people dealt with politics and technology, and egos and limitations.

everyone has limitations. everyone has pressures. even the rich and beautiful and successful. everyone.

say what?



this year i even had an incredibly bittersweet stroke of success

which was  a total team effort, as most successes are.

but heartbreaking all at the same time.

and as emotional as that was,

i can’t wait to see what this year brings.