saw mockingjay last night

american music awardsit was fine. nothing amazing. a placeholder but a perfectly fine placeholder.

the biggest applause at the end was when they put Phillip Seymore Hoffman’s name on the screen at the beginning of the credits.

i must say, it is nice to hop in a car, drive a half hour and see a brand new movie, free, in one of the best movie theaters in the world. perfect sound and picture. nobodys talking. it wasnt even as packed as i thought it would be. maybe because there was no panel afterwards. who knows.

this is gonna be a short work week. i plan to drive though. not sure if i wanna drive on wednesday. the paper says its going to be super crazy terrible traffic like omg.

might go see dumb and dumber to on wednesday if thats the case. imagine you get a ride to the airport and the guy is late and the traffic is terrible and then you have to deal with LAX.

theyd have to give me triple pay to do that.

and be super nice.

last night i watched playboy after dark. whoops i mean the american music awards.

dont get me wrong, im a red blooded straight american man.

sexy or slutty, which was it? guess it all depends on who you ask. to me it made me a little happy because the women were very pretty and i enjoyed the songs.

but it made me a lot sad because pop music is usually horrible, but occassionally you can see some hope there. like everythings gonna be ok.

lorde was good.

but can she save rock n roll?