current events: Mike Brown’s killer won’t be tried

mike brown

one thing ive noticed when i occasionally go back in the archives is i have strayed away from talking about current events on the busblog.

in the spirit of Nothing In Here Is True and the fact that my gigs at LAist, LAT, and KPCC made me think exclusively about current events, I stopped writing about them in here.

my current gigs however dont care about breaking news, so here we are back again talking about what CNN tried to talk about last night

racism and how an unarmed black kid was shot to death in the streets of Missouri and how the prosecutor didn’t want to prosecute the cop so he put on a lousy case for the grand jury of mostly white ppl and the grand jury said yeah lets not make this cop stand trial.

what do i think of all of this?

i think we rely way too much on guns in the USA and there will be a day when blacks will get tired of being shot by white cops and they’ll start carrying guns too.

like lots of guns.

and then we will have huge problems.

because sure it’s not cool to shoot a cop, but what if he’s shooting at you and you don’t feel like he should?

and what if he is shooting at you in a way that could kill you?

dont we have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves?

can you see where this is escalating towards?

how about we try to do this without guns and the professional lawmen call in backup when a teenage boy wont cooperate.

and how about we dont shoot to kill them. how about we use teamwork and skill and technique instead of bang bang bang bang bang


we have enough dead people in this beautiful country.

how about a few of us alive people figure out what is working and whats not working, and im sorry but this grand jury of one isnt convinced that guns are working out.