i’m thankful for you

black lives matter

because we live in a Fox News world where we are convinced the world is going to hell because we have a half-black president, it’s easy to forget how much progress is happening right now.

groups all around the world are doing historic things to make life better for everyone.

people Are trying.

the fact that same-sex marriages swept through this country faster than those with hidden agendas could stop it was beautiful.

last night i picked up a 22-year-old Saudi gentleman. he asked me what i thought of his country. i said, your country reminds me of mine: we mix religion and politics too much. whenever the two are separate things are so much better.

im the biggest Christian you probably know. when some people get drunk and run around saying they love everyone, i say things like i need to build a church.

and still i think life is better when the government has nothing to do with religion. especially one particular religion.

why are government buildings closed on sundays? wouldnt that actually be the best time for them to be opened? if i ever had kids, id love for them to get bible study as much as possible: but not in the public schools. wtf. what about the kids who aren’t into the bible? f them?

im grateful of people who fight for the whole. im thankful for people who use their creativity to express love. any sucker mc can bring fear.

even my kittens are afraid of shadows.

im so thankful for you, the light.