bill belicheck gets dissed by the Weather Channel: repeatedly

bill belicheck is a surly mean cheater. but hes a football coach so thats ok.

and his team, before his quarterback married that brazillian supermodel, won a lot.

so his bad behavior was excused.

winning has a weird effect like that.

but yesterday for some reason he wanted to take a shot at meteorologists.

as if dick butkis cared what the damn weather was. or lombardi. or sweetness.

you line up and bash the guy across from you in the fucking mouth.

the weather didnt bother belicheck on that snowy day when the NFL gave his team the win over the Raiders in the playoffs on account of the mysterious Tuck Rule

only old people and whiners drone on about the weather.

but when you do it on tv, and youre a prick which rhymes with Belechick the weatherman will strike back.