hot babe in santa monica gets in and says how do you feel about taking me to redondo

tumblr_neub8fPuRl1qgojgxo2_400i was all, long hair, dont care, plus you smell like you robbed a perfume store.

buckle up.

zig zagged through stragglers, honked at the stoned, rolled down the windows

and felt it all.

whats your day job she asked with an accent i couldnt immediately place.

alaskan? new hampshire?


i work for an undercover super hero agency that steals from the thieves

and gives to the poor.

tumblr_neub8fPuRl1qgojgxo4_400oh, the xbi she said and i adjusted my rear view.

she said, it’s on your license plate.

oh yeah that.

why would you give everything to the poor she asked, applying lip gloss and checking her work in a tiny mirror she snapped closed when she was satisfied

because no one else is gonna do it i said and turned onto the 10 east.

she looked out her window and yawned, every vacuum must be filled.

is there a vacuum in your life i asked her, and turned down the pink floyd.

yeah, im starving

tumblr_neub8fPuRl1qgojgxo3_400beep beep bop she excused herself and called her boyfriend.

hey im in an uber, i will be home in about 30 minutes, should i pick up something?

i hate hate hate making stops i esped her but it wasnt working. she wasnt xbi.

chinese? how about something healthy for a change? no that place closed. i dont know why. they were terrible?

for some reason no one was in the carpool lane of the 405 so i sped.

they decided he would order something and it would be ready when she arrived. good boy, i thought.

i looked back in the rearview.

she saw me looking.


tumblr_neub8fPuRl1qgojgxo1_400what are you gonna do when you grow up? she asked.

i was thinking about doing red carpet interviews for VH-1

she stopped chewing the gum she was chomping.

how did you know thats what i do? she asked.

everyone knows what you do

i told her.

and turned up the radio.

cuz fuck growing up.