i have two cats. one loves me, the other is a cat.

this is perfect training for the multiple wives i always feared id have.

the one who loves me is named Prince and he comes bounding from whereever he is when he hears my door squeak open.

he snaps awake from a nap and waltzes off the couch when the keys to the front door clatter as i come home from work

he lets me hold him in any position, he falls asleep in my lap, and he sits on the sink as i shower occasionally leaping off to play soccer with a bottle cap.

right now he’s licking the head of his stuck up sister, Michael who likes to distance herself from us and judge from afar. as if she’s waiting for her real family to pick her up.

prince sleeps at night on a pillow next to my bedroom door. michael sleeps in a different place in the house every night. one night atop the fridge. one night on the office chair. one night in the drawer of stock dividends. one night on the fuzzy shower carpet.

i try to give her as much attention as him because i dont want her to think that her behavior is acceptable. shes a cat. its her job to be cute, play with her brother, and get pet. it is not her job to scratch the tv when she sees something move.

dont make me blow your minds with the laser pointer dot THAT YOU WILL NEVER CATCH.


the only time i receive their undivided attention is when i am going through boxes trying to organize my hoarding stash. they will climb into the box they will get thrown across the room onto the couch. they will return in seconds, back in the box.

thus the only time to do anything productive is when theyre asleep. which is often, but the rustle of anything is music to their ears and they wake, yawn stretch, and eye the mysterious box and jump in it.

so i walk into the bathroom, they follow, and then i shut them in there. where they stay until ive done whatever task needs done.

i do love them but do you know what i love even more?

tidy cat kitty litter.

normal kitty litter has a chemically ammonia smell, and it causes a mess.

tidy cat absorbs the liquid and turns it into a cube of hardened piss.

a pee cube.

it smells nice, it comes in easy to pour jugs, and the cashier at the supermarket winks at you when you buy them.

the other day they had a huge sale on them and i bought four jugs

and i love them even more than i love my cats.

they dont eat much and they leave me be.

cant say that about too many things these days.