really good weekend, super fun ubering, and then resting

jeaninebut probably the best thing that happened this weekend was getting to visit Jeanine.

she is holed up in a secret xbi training center to work on her exhaustion.

as you know the agency loves to poison us. sometimes they over do it.

the way i combat it is to eat a ton of junk food. the preservatives and chemicals counteract the weirdness that they subversively give us and it all balances out.

poor jeanine though eats well, and when the xbi did what they did to her, over years and years, it eventually wore her out.

a month ago she was taken away and only recently was she able to receive guests and i am very glad to announce that she is doing so well, theres so much more life back in her eyes and heart and spirit. it was an absolute joy to spend an hour with her.

funny thing about her, you can always tell how she is doing from her hair.

saturday her hair was silky smooth and happy and bright and sparkling.

she wanted to tell me all the stories about the other agents she is rehabbing with but i was all, there is no such thing as the xbi

and for sure there is no such thing as agents who arent at 100%.

she was all omg, but these people are sooooo fascinating!

i was like, just tell me about you, what have you learned, what did you go through, how did you like the books i snuck in?

so we talked and talked and someone recognized me and i said hi and they said you know if you wanted to drive jeanine around for a few minutes i’ll look the other way

and quickly we hopped into my car and i said so what do you want to eat?

she said, something healthy

i said you can have anything in the world and you want an apple? how about some taco bell or jack in the box or a burrito from a truck. and she smiled and said, thats your technique, i like healthy good things. in fact im thinking about being a cook here, full time, like forever.

it was so sweet. your girl is totally back. in such a short period of time. it was so good. sooooo good. so thank you for your good thoughts. they worked!