1. Saturday, November 1, 2014

    the morning after 

    girl walker

    halloween is the greatest of all.

    i drove from 6pm to 3am last night, in the sprinkles and then rain and then wind.

    some places were slightly flooding but only in a cute way like the streets saying

    what can we be for halloween, oh how about a sweet little puddle

    oh look at that one, its a huge puddle.

    the demand for ubers was so crazed that i was getting requests from 20 minutes away

    even though the rate was five times the base fare.

    someone paid me $100 to go from culver city to los feliz.


    the skinny girl in the back dressed as a teenage runaway kissed me on the cheek.

    another dude from saudi arabi wanted to go “to the light house”

    the light house?

    “the coachhouse.”

    say what?

    “one minute.” and he called his friend. we were waiting in the drive through of his luxury high rise in westwood.

    the playhouse?

    ah yes, hollywood blvd., my home.

    he’d only been here two months. so i asked him if he still dated persian girls

    or was he seeing what the rest of the world had to offer.

    he didnt understand.

    i said, you know, have you met any japanese girls or canadians. italians?

    he said oh yes im dating a brazilian girl.

    i was all, my man!

    and i turned on some gangsta rap and we drove over the 405 on halloween night

    then east on the 101

    and he said, can you increase the volume.

    and i went, increased, bad boy.