this weekend was the busiest ive ever encountered as a driver


these people threw around the N-word like it was no big deal

and then the girl behind me asked me for my phone number

but the best was when the girl next to me said she likes to hook up with Uggs

i said who?

she said, ugly guys.

she said they treat her better


these nice people went to a hip hop show in echo park and wanted me to take them to Boyle Heights

i was all, hell yeah, why not, who cares


Duff Man and his girl were sweet. for some reason they parked over by the Hollywood Bowl and asked me to drive them to The Abbey in WeHo

everyone wanted to go to the Abbey in WeHo.

these two are from the LBC though and I was all, mmmmm ok?


one of these guys was into guys and said he showed a guy his schween at the party i picked them up at

and said he was a show-er, not a grow-er

and for once in my life i had no witty comeback


hollywood blvd is my favorite place in the whole world next to wrigley field and las vegas

and it was beautifuler than normal i just wanted to hug everyone.


bree olson, famous movie star, and former charlie sheen goddess was so sweet and pretty

after i dropped her off my mom called and i said ma i picked up a porn star!

my mom asked, you watch porn?

i said, for science.


this lady is a lawyer.

suddenly halloween is my favorite holiday of all.