do dreams mean anything, like really

other than that bible guy who figured out everything because of his dreams, has anyone else?

like are you more likely to win the lottery and actually buy some of the things your heart dreams for

than actually learning anything from your dreams that you dont already know?

heres things i already know: the cubs will win the world series in 2-3 years.

after the cubs win the world series i will be married.

after i get married i will adopt some african kids

after i adopt the kids they will grow up and become famous athletes

and musicians.

because they had learned spanish at a young age, whenever they talk to the press they will do it

en espanol to prove a point.

whats the point, you may ask?

that dreams that you dream at night can come true.

omg it was danielle’s birthday yesterday


she texted me saying she was gonna come up here to celebrate with me but for some reason i thought she meant next weekend

but then she texted me later during the rainstorm saying she had arrived in santa monica

and i was all, wait, this weekend?!? she was like yeah. i went what.

so i pulled a few strings and got the rain to stop today so we could hang out.

i have missed danielle so. and ive definitely missed her blawwwwg.

there are some people who just radiate all the positive things in the world all at once

and yet their writing is so dark. it makes you appreciate those who can show all the aspects of life.

i really need to work on my secret blog so i can exorcise the darker aspects of my mind.

it’s a slippery slope though for me because it could easily lead to depression for me.

anyways i cant wait to see danielle today and i will post some pics and tell her you said hi.