i think about Nirvana every day

Frances Bean, Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain

dude has been dead for 20 years. still i think.

i think theres no way i could ever be that great at anything. can i be?

he sang, wrote, played, was, is, will be – better than almost all of them.

hendrix, prince, cobain. thats probably it. guys who did it all. who were it all.

but that wasnt enough. he had to kill himself. he had to end it. couldnt just go to a hospital.

was it the wife, the baby, the band that made him think he couldnt just ask for a timeout?

mtv, magazine covers, world tours?

do we just paint ourselves into situations where we cant stop the rock n roll train

where we end up locked in a heart shaped coffin?

the great news about mediocrity is we have the freedom to do nothing.

even though he sold a gazillion records, there was no uproar when phil collins stopped putting out albums.

but bob dylan cant do that. hell, tupac had to keep making hits even when he was long dead.

is there a happy medium?

has tom waits figured it out?

just crawl outta your cave when you feel like it and show what youve been building in there

and crawl back inside after youve made a few million?

you dont see squirrels working in the off season.

or bees.

or short shorts.

i wish kurt had learned from the daisy dukes in the world:

it’s ok to just crawl up in a drawer for six months if you wanna.