hadnt driven all week but last night i did

lana and courtneypicked up a guy who only had a four rating. i was thinking about not picking him up because it was surging but he was outside of the surge

and he only had a four rating – which is pretty bad.

but cancelling people is what taxis would do, not uber, or at least not me.

also, no one is gonna become a billionaire driving people from the 90210 to westwood and then wait and wait and wait to then drive them to 90069.

hour and a half, $30.

yes im doing it wrong but isnt that what ive done my whole life. isnt that what we’re supposed to do.

didnt the bible pretty much start off with adam and even doing the wrong thing?

do we truly love the stories of the straight and narrows? how many novels about good upstanding priests do you know about.

its always about the crooked and the demented and the dirty and the rebellious.

it’s all about huck finn paying someone off to white wash the fence. then smoking a pipe with nigger jim.

next ride was two smoking hot babes who wanted to go to DTLA. they talked about their work and their sorta boyfriends and this girl who disguised being a lesbian but whose girlfriend is gonna get a sex change.

“why, if you love women and they love you,” the one behind me asked, “would you stop being a woman and try your best to be a man – the one sex your girlfriend doesnt want?”

dropped them off and got a chatty chinese banker girl who asked why do you drive? i said to meet chinese girls who smell like spring.

she said do i smell like spring?

i said come a little closer.

she leaned over.