“growing up in the desert, you learn to love love love the rain”


the best people i met this week, so far, were these Saudi students who loved me right back.

the young lady in the back in the red scarf was telling me all these great stories of living here for the last two years

so i said baby you really need to start a blog, americans, including myself know NOTHING about what its like to be young and saudi

living in the USA.

she said oh they wont like it. all they’ll want to know is why we dress this way and why can’t i drive a car in saudi arabia.

and i said then start there. say my name is this, i wear these clothes out of respect to my culture

and even though i can’t drive a car in the most conservative country in the middle east

i can in the USA, but when i get lucky i ride in an uber with the handsome tony pierce.

everyone laughed.

me the loudest.

i asked them if it was true that they cant drink or smoke weed or have wild orgies back home and they said yes.

one of them told me that they saw a friend of theirs drunk here at a party in koreatown and they almost called 911

because they had never seen a drunk person before (!)

and after seeing that, they never wanted to get drunk themselves.

i said, fair enough, but lemme tell you something about sex drugs and rock n roll

true you look silly when youre drunk, but as long as youre around your friends you should be ok. just dont drive.

also, ive been drunk once or twice in my life but the dumbest ive ever looked was when i was in love.

and aint no one talking about avoiding that forever.

point, noted, they all agreed.

red scarf girl then said, i always wanted to come to the States to see what life was like here

but now that i’ve been here for a while i see that the grass is always greener

and now i just realize i just want to be a good little muslim girl.

as we waited for the light to change by the pier we took a selfie and i said blog, kids, blog!

if i could explain it i would

its happening

but i cant and i wont and i know but i dont but it is

i keep saying one day i’ll write it but i never do

i hate looking backwards because im not sure but i hate it

i dream about whats ahead and thats lame too

and when the moment is bursting im living it

im probably the worst blogger of all time

who has written for so long.

with that said, shits going down so get ready.