even though im a devout Christian, my favorite Christmas tradition is hoarding


once a year my favorite clothing line Obey has a sample sale either in Compton or Irvine

kids get to the warehouse in the wee hours to nab what is often deep discounts

on some of the most stylish, sought-after, and $$$$ clothes out there.

because im a cheapskate and super loyal to my favorite brands ive been going

for years and years and years and years

because i was driving last night till 3am and didnt get to sleep till 5am, i didnt get out of the house until mid-afternoon,

which turned out to be perfecto because there were zero lines when i arrived in the OC at 2:30pm

a lot of the clothes had been picked through but that was ok, there was still plenty of great deals.

but with no lines and no time limit to shop it was such a dream come true

that i even came back after eating lunch to pick up three Obey pillows

that i realized would be perfect on my bed.


as blaring music pumped through the cavernous checkout lanes i asked one of the cashiers if they were suprised by the seemingly low turnout

she said it was busy in the morning, and they all expected today to be the busiest day

but assumed that because Obey/Giant advertised, for the first time ever, that this year’s sale would happen this weekend AND next weekend, perhaps the mad frenzy was killed.

fine with me, if the kids of so cal don’t wanna get $100 pants for $25 and $150 sweaters for $20, then more for me.


no huge surprises in this year’s layout, however it was nice to see that the women’s section is about double the size of last year

which was about double from the year prior.

the accessory table was ok, the hat section was huge, however the tshirts were a bit wanting.

i got some flannels, some sweatshirts, a few tshirts and the famous pillows

$118 out the door.


every year another thing happens when i go to the Obey sale: i feel so fat.

they have some of the best shirts that really look horrible if you have even the slightest belly.

because i look about 5 months pregnant i shied away from the shirts this year

and instead opted for the more forgiving numbers.