as much as i love uber, the thrill is fading

astrolike in any service industry, you’re gonna run across the unsavory, the impolite, and the entitled.

taylor swift may be able to shake it off, but she’s getting a little more than a buck a mile.

the thing thats keeping me going is the nice people, of course,

but it’s also a way to exercise patience.

even the nice people make you wait forever.

and the not so nice people do so many weird and subtly weird things.

are they on drugs? do their parents know?

then on top of it the company makes all of these improvements and upgrades and marketing moves: but not one of them benefits the drivers

in fact in the year ive drive, i can’t recall one thing uber has done to improve either the income drivers make or making the job any easier or comfortable.

they play this odd cat and mouse game where on one hand the drivers are called partners but on the other hand they distance themselves whenever the law comes around and says “we are not their employers, we just make a cool app.”

but then they disconnect drivers from the app for a variety of reasons, most of them reasonable, but still. they control the rates, they control how many other drivers are competing for the passengers, they control the information about the rides.

theyre the guy dating your mom who refuses to admit hes her boyfriend, swears he’s not your dad, but takes control over the remote and somehow has the license to send you to your room.

tips are not included, bros.

tips are never included in anything in this world, unless you see what the amount of  it is right there on the bill.

strangely all of those things are far more annoying than these: LA traffic, cops, cabs, road closures, muscle aches, drunk people, drunk drivers, gangs

how does that make any sense?

it doesn’t, which is why i’ve been driving less and less lately,

and watching more movies.

saw selma last night and i cried like a baby.