i just got tickets to see Louis CK

louis ck

here’s the letter he sent people

Dear getter of this.

Hi. It’s Louis CK writing you. Do you remember me? I’m a professional standup comedian. Today I am writing you because I’m going to do some shows in January to wrap up this year’s touring schedule before I begin production on season five of my series.

Here’s where I’ll be playing…. (I put those three dots in to give you a minute to collect yourself before you read this list of 3 cities)

Chicago Theater (January 5th and 6th) New York MSG (January 7th) LA (January 11th)


Tickets are as always 45 dollars all in. Except at MSG we have some tickets for 25 and a few for 65.

New York State has laws which prohibit us from forcing out of town ticket buyers to pick up their tickets in person which is something we do in order to reduce scalping and price gouging. Therefore If you are trying to buy tickets to the MSG shows and you are outside of a 200 mile radius, you won’t be able to. This is because we think you might be buying the tickets just to resell them. If you are a fan from out of town who is getting lost in the cracks of this system please email tickets@louisck.net and we will try to help you get tickets.

I hope you make it to one of the shows. Happy new year. Happy holidays. Happy life. Happy family. Happy pets. Happy elephants.

Louis ck.”

Despite playing MSG, Louis CK is  staying true to his promise of making tickets to his shows fair and scalper free.

what the fuck does Marco Rubio know about Democracy

LA yesterday“My opposition to what the President has done [with Cuba] is it won’t do anything to further that cause (of democratization),” Florida Senator Marco Rubio said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “There has to be some reciprocal opening on their part toward democracy and there was none in this engagement.”

On Friday President Barack Obama announced that he was going to normalize relations with Cuba, establish embassies, and call for an end of the bullshit that the U.S. has tried to wage with the island nation for 50 years.

Marco Rubio, because he is full of crap, is pretending that he doesn’t want it because Cuba refuses to become a democratic country.

snoop doggBut my question to Rubio is, when did you become some fucking expert on democracy?

The dictionary says a democracy is “a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.”

But we all know corporations have the supreme power in the USA, which is why there is this current struggle between the 1% who truly run shit and the 99% who are rarely given a place at the table.

If America was a true democracy why are there so few women in Congress and even fewer Blacks and Latinos? And why would there be an electoral college?

If the GOP was so concerned about democracy, why do they fight so hard to keep poor people away from polling booths? Why are we still voting on Tuesdays? And in Congress, why is it that the majority doesn’t rule any more and it’s such a struggle to have a straight up-and-down vote on the floor?

Marco Rubio doesn’t want democracy, he wants power, for his own political agenda. If he cared so much about democracy why hasn’t he rallied against China? Where is his bill banning Chinese goods being shipped into the US because they’re a communist country with a horrid human rights record?

“This is going to do absolutely nothing to further human rights and democracy in Cuba,” the senator argued last week. So what has he done to fight for human rights in Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria

or St. Louis?

Americans voted for Barack Obama, twice, democratically. The president ran under a plan to give health insurance to millions of uninsured Americans. That plan passed, was turned into law, and dozens and dozens of times the GOP has tried to undo what the people wanted.

How the fuck is that democracy?

Marco Rubio you are a hypocrite and a fraud who couldn’t care less what the American people want.

Go drink some water and really think about how different you are from Fidel Castro, because I don’t think you’re that different from your fellow Cuban.