a merry busblog Christmas wish

merry christmasthis is now the 13th Christmas that the busblog has been around. i know, seriously?

almost every day for the last year ive had a struggle about what to post or how.

do i make something fantastical, bizarre, and weird

or do i simply report the facts in a boring way and get on with real life.

ive done my best to mix the two because boring isnt beautiful.

but i have the desire to make things weirder and weirder because thats what hendrix taught us and for some reason we resist.

so heres my plan for the upcoming year.

i have about a dozen secret blogs. theyre all boring, which defeats the purpose.

so on the world famous busblog going forward things will get weird.

then on the super secret down and dirty try to find it korean hackers blog will be the real life tales of the day. like old school journal diary three ring binder omg i cant believe what happened today.

but since nothing in here is true who knows what i’ll do.

my only hope is it isnt boring because the worst thing you could do to your reader is waste their time.

i have to go into work today because my work-from-home computer isnt syncing with my desk computer

then im gonna drive around LA because LA is all sparkley from last weeks rains and blow dried from the winds. it’s gorgeous.

also cuz i miss driving and i get to do it for the next two weeks straight.

too bad i cant bring the kittens.

wish i could.