is it wrong to want to go back

isla vista

when i was younger i always wanted to go backwards.

when i got to cali all i wanted was to go forwards.

i see people stay in the same place and do pretty much the same thing and it makes me curious which is the best way.

last night i had some people over at my place. it was weird saying that ive been there for 13 years.

it’s nice to have cheap rent, but if i had a 30 year mortgage id be more than a 1/3 through it by now.

but thats crazy because 13 years ago they shouldnta even rented me an apartment i was so broke and worthless.

regardless i want to go back to isla vista. not because it needs me, it’ll be fine, but because it’s the prettiest

and wildest, and most magical spot ive ever lived in.

the dora the explorer in me says, hey lets find somewhere even better.

we have half of our lives left to find more. lets find more and better and tastier.

but isn’t that being gluttoney? ive found the spot. why more?

but then the lewis and clark in me says, when columbus landed on plymouth rock

that was fine. and when we kept going west, that was even better.

but imagine if we stopped at kentucky.

and the mark twain in me says, never stop at kentucky.