last night live tweeting so many ppl were all oh yeah tony go!

fingerand then there was one guy who was all wait

are you really sad that the drunk driver who stole the car

and led the cops from hollywood to malibu

while recklessly driving on sidewalks and the wrong direction of the pch

did get shot to death at the end?

i wanted to explain to him how there are a lot of other ways a car chase can end that would properly entertain and satisfy me.

i wanted to type that blood and guts are not the only outcomes of car chases in fact any experienced car chase watcher knows that most endings dont conclude with blood.

did i want the cops to shoot him? hell yes.

but not because im blood thirsty, in fact the opposite.

i wanted the cops to shoot him because i was afraid he was gonna kill innocent people.

bro was speeding faster down Melrose than I ever saw any one drive.

and you realize this is 2014: people have headphones on, theyre looking at their stupid phones, they’re high, they’re drunk, there are so many ways a clueless Los Angeleno can accidentally walk out in the middle of a sleepy Melrose Avenue at 10pm, never thinking that a car could be barreling down the road at 100 MPH

yes, shoot that guy.

and if you dont kill him, maybe you will let him know you mean business. remind him that this isnt a video game. and let the next guy know you’re not just gonna get a few traffic tickets.

ironically, right as this anonymous negative tweeter was calling me names, down in redondo beach over a dozen pedestrians including a baby were hit by a car driven by a drunk driver. four people died.

im sorry Occupy LA didn’t work out for you. im sorry you’re butthurt that sometimes cops do bad things. im black, you dont have to remind me that cops arent always the superheroes of the world.

but you know who are villains every single time: drunk drivers speeding around pedestrians.

if you want to debate me about that, put your name next to your dumbshit tweet and we can have a real debate between two human beings. until then you’re just a dumbshit troll with his head up his ass trying to kill my vibe on twitter.

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