lindsay from long ago emailed me


she said im in LA. show me everything and talk my face off.

i said i can only do that if we can eat tacos.

she said can sushi be smooshed in there somewhere?

i said i know it was 10 years ago when you first came to LA the same week all the canadians did

but are you still 20?

me and lindsay

yes, she said. of course.

picked her up at the ritz and her hair was a little different but yep, still 20.

which was good because im still 24.

so we had sushi and drinks and the next day she texted and said hey sleepyhead wanna go hiking

i asked, hiking?

she was all, yeah, i saw the girls on The Hills climb runyon, do you know where it is?

so for the first time in a long time i went up runyon. it was empty because of ciclavia

but we did see Rachel Hunter, rod stewart’s former wife, so that was nice

then we drove around LA figuring out where her company could build a taj mahal.

eating tacos along the way.


my phone beeped to remind me to pick up two pies at the house of pies

because Kim and Os were having a tree trimming.

the pies were a big hit, as was the bash.

all of your friends were there including special guests Barney and MC Brown.

the house was full and warm and everyone was having a great time.

i finally met dave ladelfas husband, it was nice to see how all the kids had grown and found jobs

and best of all i heard a rumor of some new musical activity happening somewhere involving some people i know

but my leak wouldnt tell me who was involved or if it was a rock opera or not.

but of course it had to be.

then we saw a special screening of Big Eyes and were delighted.

all in all, good weekend, but now im pooped.