today is bree’s birthday, she’s 24


there are many reasons to love bree but the best is because she’s one of the few remaining

real bloggers in the world.

many have dropped off the face of the world and that’s sad.

but whats super great about bree is not only is she still blogging but she’s more honest and critical and insightful than ever.

which isnt easy. especially when some of the people you’re blogging about are reading you.

whether it is work people, friends, boyfriends, whoever, if bree has an opinion about them she will let it out.

we need more of this.

i need to be more like this.

tonight bree is having a birthday party in a sweet spot but sadly i cant make it because of

xbi commitments, but i will make it up to her very soon

tonight she will be surrounded by many of her friends, they will take outrageous photo booth pics

and eat pizza and celebrate this very special young lady who has turned into the type of person we all hope to be:

someone Gwen Stefani would approve of.

happy birthday bree! see you on the hiking trail!