year end revu: feb

gwen getting her police album signed by sting before the synchronicity show in LA

2/1 instantly addicted to uber
2/2 if i knew what i was doing id tell you
2/3 gwen stefani shares on twitter the greatest photo of all time
2/4 dying
2/4 not dying
2/5 overheard in the er hallway
2/6 i took a great picture of my kitten’s momma while fighting the xbi
2/7 scary doctor says something super scary
2/8 build a world where your children are stronger than you ever were
2/9 went to dumb starbucks, a photo essay
2/9 loved the lego movie
2/10 loved the nominees luncheon, heres some pics i took
2/13 drove four swedish girls fast through LA
2/14 the cutest lesbians on valentines day+night in my backseat
2/15 probably the best photo essay i took in beverly hills
2/17 some sad ass rides
2/20 there are strippers and there are hookers in this sprawling metropolis
2/22 never chase the surge
2/23 was the PA announcer at the UCLA baseball game, nbd
2/24 lorde + sally draper @ 101 cafe
2/26 crazy asian lady massage hollywood fun fun ow
2/28 burned