i learned a bunch of stuff about the blues brothers today


our library has all these scripts and while researching for this other thing today i got to read the first 100 pages of the original 300+ page blues brothers script.

very very very different, and i cant say better.

which is to say whoever edited it and trimmed the fat knew what they were doing.

the script gets into great detail about finding All of the band members one by one

it includes the fact that elwood takes jake to a whore house like right after he gets out of jail

and the part that i wanted to learn about was pretty long: elwood’s last day at his day job

a chemical factory.

what i was trying to learn was the secret of the blues brothers always being able to get away from the cops.

turns out it due to two reasons that the movie doesnt really get into

1. The Bluesmobile is actually a little magical

2. Elwood’s arsenal of aerosol cans of chemicals

parts were very funny like lightenig hawkins getting into a fight with john lee hooker

but parts were also very tedious and predictable.

And the “we’re on a mission from God” didnt appear in the first script or at least the first 100 pages. which i find weird. in fact they dont really even seem to “see the light” when they go to the church.

and instead of James Brown being the preacher it’s a black guitar legend.

super fascintating and i cant wait to go back to read more.

my mom thinks everything is weird, so does this girl i work with

moonrise kingdom

weird thing is, though, my mom was in college in the 60s

she was like 16 years old in college during the Civil Rights Era

then she was in DC and other big cities when the hippies were running around

then she gave birth to yours truly mr xbi busblog.

youd think by now that if she saw a wes anderson movie she would have actually Experienced so called weirdness, that his film wouldnt seem weird to her.

but it does

because she is a georgia peach constantly expecting life to return to the Leave It To Beaver early 60s

well i aint returning to that snoozefest.

im stoked to be in Hollywood and driving through LA in the middle of the night receiving snapchats from strippers and death threats from evil doers.

you know what movie seemed weird to me this year: bad ones.

i think its weird that youd take millions of dollars from people and give us a film with no ending or a bad ending or worst of all a boring beginning middle and end

to me, thats weird, not bill murray being an awesome concierge or two little kids taking a walk in the woods.

anyways i love my mom and she loves you too. except for everyone who has fired me.

andrew sullivan quit blogging today: good

kennedy deppi didnt read his whole deal, because it was whining, but i understand.

blogging isn’t easy. especially marathon blogging. and for sure its a grind when youre writing about politics.

but judging from what i read, bro was sad that there isn’t a vibrant blogging community out there any more, and it seemed he was sad there wasnt a bunch of money left in it neither.

to quote the great artie lang: whaaaaaaaaa.

omg boo hoo you cant make a bucketload from writing on the web.

i say good.

when the blogosphere was buzzing, those were some good times, but does no one remember all the scum? all the lame ass blogs trying to teach you how to make money from your crappy crap?

all the blogs that were just echos of the others?

ignorance on top of ignorance sprinkled with annoyance?

all of those ppl are gone now.

now is the time the real bloggers are doing their thing.

anyone can blog when there are ads paying your rent and commentors fueling your ego

the real writing happens in a lonesome, empty

darkly lit


now is the worst time to bail.

Feeling Minnesotan

The Minnesota Timberwolves dont have a lot to celebrate or party with right now, in part because their best player, Kevin Love, defected to Cleveland to play alongside King James.

In advance of Love’s first game back to the Twin Cities, the TWolves put out this video today which to me is the most brilliant diss of the year.

i want chips, like all the time, in my mouth


it’s what makes me fat, im certain, but what can i do.

those and the drive thru visits. and the lack of exercise.

but what i want, always, as in right now, are chips. any sorts.

doritios, bbq, oil and vinegar, cheetos, fritos, sun chips, avocado chips,

but especially funyuns, like right now, like in my mouth.

the problem with funyuns though is they ruin your breath for a good day.

no amount of mouthwash will wash that onion out.

so like what if a nice girl wants to kiss you?

you can point to your cheek and have her kiss there, but youre supposed to be a man.

on top of that youre supposed to be a gentleman, which means everything about you should smell fantastic.

most importantly your breath. which it wont if you eat funyuns.

i dont even like onions is the thing but i love funyuns.

thats how crazy i am.

so usually the only time i indulge in my favorite snack is late at night

once i know theres no chance for a pretty girl to wanna smooch with me.

it’s also a good booty call device because if someone txts you and says whattya doin

and its 2:15am, you can honestly say, i just downed a bag of funyuns

and if they say can me and my bff come over you can say

i just downed a bag of funyuns

and see if they giggle and say


29 years ago today i was selling tvs in west LA’s

space shuttle Challenger crew

the super store was called Federated Group, known for its zany commercials, i was but a lad but i was great at selling home stereos, car stereos, boomboxes,

however tvs were my specialty.

29 years ago for some reason i was working the afternoon shift. maybe i didnt have school that day.

not a lot of salesmen were on the floor. i remember this clearly. because when the rich couple came in looking for a new tv i was able to greet them and begin qualifying the customer.

you know: what tv are you replacing, where will this go in your home, what features are you looking for, what made you choose Federated, could it have been our world famous extended service plans?

and as they started talking behind me the giant wall of 100 tvs all started showing the same thing: the Challenger space shuttle warming up on the launch pad.

“hey before we go on, how about we watch the astronauts?” the gentleman asked.

“sure, I said and turned up the volume of the JVC 25” set that i wanted to sell them and the Sony 25 XBR that i used to compare it to that cost $100 more that i was willing to allow them to trade up to

their choice.

the countdown began, 10, 9, 8, 7, etc, the smoke built up around the space craft

then the ship began to slowly rise from the platform, it gained speed

and, of course, it then exploded

zenith, magnavox, rca, daytron, hitachi, panasonic, quasar, and even the sony and jvc all showed those brilliant lives

scatter across the sky.

the couple looked at the screens like i did, in astonishment

and then sadness.

and then super sadness.

no tv was purchased that day.

but they did take my card.

today i learned about thora birch

snow kidthora was that young actress who was in American Beauty (but not the one who got naked with the dad) and was also in Ghost World with Scarlet Johnansson.

Thora, and this is Oscar Trivia that you wont see on Trivial Pursuit, is the only actress to star in an Oscar-winning Best Picture film whose parents were xxx-rated stars.

yes, both of them.

in fact both of Thoras parents were not just porn stars but they both appeared in one of the most classic adult films ever: Deep Throat.

so thats the fun part the cute part the trivia part the part that is unique and weird and all omg

the sad part is about her dad.

Thoras dad, despite being a former porn star, gets super weird when dudes stepped to his little girl

even in movies!

which as we all know are just like the busblog: make believe.

thoras dad, allegedly, would blow his top when dudes would have love scenes with his angel and he would threaten them.

maybe it was like a vietnam flashback? maybe if it wasnt a movie he’d be all cool?

no, when thora was the ripe old age of 28 she was in a play


and mr birch threatened a young actor who was to get cozy with Thora and it basically got her fired from the production.

which only goes to show you: you can tune a piano but you cant have your dad manage you if he was a porn star who met your mom on the set of Deep Throat.

now take on the day

chris and i go to the clipper game

clippers game

my buddy chris is a laker fan. he’s also a season ticket holder.

he’s only been to two clippers games. one i took him to several years ago.

and tonight.

my boss is a clipper fan. he’s also a season ticket holder.

for some reason he couldnt use his tickets tonight and asked if i was interested.

i hadnt seen the clippers all year so why not, it was rainy and not really the type of night i wanted to uber in.

chris picked me up at my pad after work and we drove in.

we got to our seats, which were good, but after getting our second beer right before halftime we noticed these third row seats seemed lonely and maybe we should eat our nachos there until the half.

the half came and went and no one booted us, so we stayed.

its time to do work clippers

meanwhile the clippers fought back to get the lead through dunks, great D, and solid passing.

blake griffin ended the night with like 16 points 10 assists and 9 boards.

i took the subway home and played with the cats who have sorta ignored me

after they drank blood the other night.

earlier at work i may have discovered a never before scene in the blues brothers.

tomorrow i will have to investigate it closer.

it could be amazing.