today people who made a newspaper were massacred in paris

charlie hebdo

as i learned from my man matt welch, these weren’t a bunch of kids scrawling stupid cartoons

they were, in his words, the bravest newspaper people in the world.

they took on everyone, often brilliantly and not only got sued for it

but a few years ago they were firebombed by muslims that objected to them.

six days later they put out the cover above of an artist making out with a muslim dude.

today a gunman grabbed the wife of one of the cartoonists, and her baby, and demanded that the office doors be opened OR ELSE. and when they got in, the murderer killed a bunch of people while yelling Allah is great or something

banksy put this on his instagram

banksy hebdo

making me think that perhaps the rumor

that banksy is a woman

is true.

cuz todays image is pretty great, but it’s also very feminine.

but i digress

freedom and courage were shot down today,

and as optimistic as i am, i dont believe journalists will be quick to stand up to the terrorists who use violence to limit our freedom of speech.

courage in media is a distant channel that barely comes in