today is ashley’s birthday, shes 33

ashley is 33a woman i met when i was in college surprised me yesterday by calling me. we talked for about a half hour and nearing the end she asked why i hadnt ever gotten married.

i told her that sometimes things are about timing. and even though the timing wasn’t right for that particular thing, i will be eternally grateful for the timing that led me to meet each and every one of the fantastic girlfriends ive had so far.

as many of you know, ashley and i met in jail when she was just 19. she was there to break out a different tony, the bassist of no doubt. we were both there on trumped up charges which were later dropped, but when i saw the lengths the daisy princess would go to for her favorite band, i knew she would make a great girlfriend, so i got her hotmail address and we started emailing.

eventually that lead to AOL instant messaging which lead to hours and hours a day of getting to know each other.

over time ashley has written blogs, become bff with her idol miss drew barrymore, and even appeared on stage with gwen stefani at a tribute in vegas.

but her best accomplishment has been in raising her beautiful mini me daughter, who has now taken prime residence all over the pages of her facebook. rightfully.

i am very happy for ashley and her family. what she is doing is exactly what she has always wanted and it is so nice to see super sweet people get what they dreamed for.

and on top of that, to look as beautiful as she did when she was a teenage prison breaker, is just icing on the cake.

happy birthday ashley and many more to come!