it wouldnt be so bad if the company wasnt worth $40 billion

britneyand i realize that start-ups dont typically go around and spread, oh, a half billion of that back to their drivers.

the face of their company.

one small reason the concept is working.

you know, the people who paid for the cars, and the gas, and the auto repairs, and the car washes and the bottles of water

and the barf bags and the air freshener

and sit in traffic and wait outside darkened doors

and drive all night.

but for a company who seems like a sure thing winner, as long as they can stop shooting themselves in their feet

maybe they would be interested in having a positive news cycle one day.

and, i dont know, reward the top 75% of the drivers.

the people who have given the most rides and those who have the highest ratings.

divide the number of those people by a half billion dollars

and give it to them.

because the weird sad fact about whats happening with all these price cuts is those great drivers are all going to quit and be replaced by people who currently dont even have $11 an hour job

so they’ll be the ones foolish enough to think that buying a new car and driving 60 hours a week will pay off for them because omg they made $150 on a friday. working 11 hours.

it wouldnt be so bad if they allowed tips.

it wouldnt be so bad if they stopped telling people tips were included.

it wouldnt be so bad if it was easier to quit.

the problem is theres several things that one quits when they do that

the passengers, the city, the action.

it wouldnt be so bad if those things werent always wonderful.