andrew sullivan quit blogging today: good

kennedy deppi didnt read his whole deal, because it was whining, but i understand.

blogging isn’t easy. especially marathon blogging. and for sure its a grind when youre writing about politics.

but judging from what i read, bro was sad that there isn’t a vibrant blogging community out there any more, and it seemed he was sad there wasnt a bunch of money left in it neither.

to quote the great artie lang: whaaaaaaaaa.

omg boo hoo you cant make a bucketload from writing on the web.

i say good.

when the blogosphere was buzzing, those were some good times, but does no one remember all the scum? all the lame ass blogs trying to teach you how to make money from your crappy crap?

all the blogs that were just echos of the others?

ignorance on top of ignorance sprinkled with annoyance?

all of those ppl are gone now.

now is the time the real bloggers are doing their thing.

anyone can blog when there are ads paying your rent and commentors fueling your ego

the real writing happens in a lonesome, empty

darkly lit


now is the worst time to bail.