chris and i go to the clipper game

clippers game

my buddy chris is a laker fan. he’s also a season ticket holder.

he’s only been to two clippers games. one i took him to several years ago.

and tonight.

my boss is a clipper fan. he’s also a season ticket holder.

for some reason he couldnt use his tickets tonight and asked if i was interested.

i hadnt seen the clippers all year so why not, it was rainy and not really the type of night i wanted to uber in.

chris picked me up at my pad after work and we drove in.

we got to our seats, which were good, but after getting our second beer right before halftime we noticed these third row seats seemed lonely and maybe we should eat our nachos there until the half.

the half came and went and no one booted us, so we stayed.

its time to do work clippers

meanwhile the clippers fought back to get the lead through dunks, great D, and solid passing.

blake griffin ended the night with like 16 points 10 assists and 9 boards.

i took the subway home and played with the cats who have sorta ignored me

after they drank blood the other night.

earlier at work i may have discovered a never before scene in the blues brothers.

tomorrow i will have to investigate it closer.

it could be amazing.