everything is (now) awesome

lego movieyesterday i had to go to bed at 10pm because i had to be up at 2:30am to be at work at 4am for the Oscar nominations.

i have a hard time falling asleep before midnight because im a grown ass single man.

unless, ironically, if i am in a movie theatre, because im a grown ass old man.

i tried to watch something serious but became aware that Bring It On was on and i watched the whole damn thing for the hundredth time.

somehow got to sleep around 11:30p woke up at 2, left the house around 3:50am, got into the office at 4am because the roads at that hour are like butter and all the green lights are omg hi.

drove straight down sunset and at the body shop a tall stripper danced across the crosswalk and i wasnt sure if it was a man or a woman but she was feeling it and me and the camera crew next to me laughed in our cars.

got to the office, got a plate of the food they had for the hundreds of reporters, also a bowl of fruit loops which were divine and set up our gameplan with my boss.

we were privy to the noms about an hour before the announcement, we decided to switch off writing tweets along the lines of these. we switched off because we wanted to fire them off when the presenters said them and they were rifling them off fast.

then immediately there was reaction from the world, which is normal, but i gotta say around 11am i was exhausted. we all were. i got home at 3 with two tacos from Best Fish Taco of Ensenada, turned on a movie and passed out till 8pm.

then the kittens found an unwanted tresspasser in my bathroom! and in a few hours they had their first kill and now they’re jacked up with adrenaline and i love them now, maybe for the first time ever.

back to the noms. a few interesting things happened, but maybe the cutest/saddest came from the director of the lego movie, like many, were sad that their film didnt either get nominated or didnt get enough nominations. lego movie did get a nom for best song, but not for best animated feature so he tweeted the image above and i was all awwwww