had some great soup last night with my buddy chris

green mind

if you woulda told me when i was a little leaguer that id be a man who would pay $11 for a salad at lunch

and $10 for a bigass bowl of vietnamese soup for dinner

i woulda told you, this is why my momma doesnt let me talk to strangers.

when chris said he wanted to have dinner i was all hmmm where can we go. thai? chinese? armenian?

then he said “somewhere healthy” and i forgot hes been on this health kick for the last couple of years.

so as we were driving down sunset i said hey how about some Pho

he said sure.

i said you want local casual pho or hipster pho

and before he could answer i said lets see what the hipsters are up to.

and not only was it great but we ran into former KPCC lovely and now LA Times artist, Lily

who was not eating pho, i dont even know what she was eating but it wasnt soup.

probably because she was all i aint paying no $10 for a bigass bowl of soup.

but man were we happy with our choice.