i learned a bunch of stuff about the blues brothers today


our library has all these scripts and while researching for this other thing today i got to read the first 100 pages of the original 300+ page blues brothers script.

very very very different, and i cant say better.

which is to say whoever edited it and trimmed the fat knew what they were doing.

the script gets into great detail about finding All of the band members one by one

it includes the fact that elwood takes jake to a whore house like right after he gets out of jail

and the part that i wanted to learn about was pretty long: elwood’s last day at his day job

a chemical factory.

what i was trying to learn was the secret of the blues brothers always being able to get away from the cops.

turns out it due to two reasons that the movie doesnt really get into

1. The Bluesmobile is actually a little magical

2. Elwood’s arsenal of aerosol cans of chemicals

parts were very funny like lightenig hawkins getting into a fight with john lee hooker

but parts were also very tedious and predictable.

And the “we’re on a mission from God” didnt appear in the first script or at least the first 100 pages. which i find weird. in fact they dont really even seem to “see the light” when they go to the church.

and instead of James Brown being the preacher it’s a black guitar legend.

super fascintating and i cant wait to go back to read more.