i want chips, like all the time, in my mouth


it’s what makes me fat, im certain, but what can i do.

those and the drive thru visits. and the lack of exercise.

but what i want, always, as in right now, are chips. any sorts.

doritios, bbq, oil and vinegar, cheetos, fritos, sun chips, avocado chips,

but especially funyuns, like right now, like in my mouth.

the problem with funyuns though is they ruin your breath for a good day.

no amount of mouthwash will wash that onion out.

so like what if a nice girl wants to kiss you?

you can point to your cheek and have her kiss there, but youre supposed to be a man.

on top of that youre supposed to be a gentleman, which means everything about you should smell fantastic.

most importantly your breath. which it wont if you eat funyuns.

i dont even like onions is the thing but i love funyuns.

thats how crazy i am.

so usually the only time i indulge in my favorite snack is late at night

once i know theres no chance for a pretty girl to wanna smooch with me.

it’s also a good booty call device because if someone txts you and says whattya doin

and its 2:15am, you can honestly say, i just downed a bag of funyuns

and if they say can me and my bff come over you can say

i just downed a bag of funyuns

and see if they giggle and say