im worried about heaven

ernie banks

the only logical reason for ernie banks to be dead is because God needed Heaven to be happier.

Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub, was like the sun. he was always there, always warm, and you’d always be glad to see him.

the skinny shortstop and later first baseman hit 512 home runs without cheating

and more importantly, with a smile on his face.

joy is a thing many athletes, and non-athletes, have difficulty expressing at work

but not Ernie, even when it was no longer his job.

like all of us, he loved baseball and the world’s most beautiful park, Wrigley Field so much that you could just see it on his face. and that made you love it.

ernie has been a Cub my entire life, yet i never remember him in bad spirits, or sad, or, omg mad.

and trust me, there have been many times all Cub fans have had good reasons to be all of those things.

ernie was the first black baseball player on the Cubs. imagine that. and like Jackie Robinson for the Dodgers, what a spectacular first for the Cubs. a solid athlete, and an absolute gentleman.

harry, ernie, and ron santo

for some reason i never thought he would die.

for some reason i thought that in a year or two when the Cubs finally won the World Series, there would be Ernie in the locker room holding the trophy, having bubbly poured over him

and him saying

this is so wonderful, let’s play two today!

this year, for some reason, the Cubs’ first game is a night game.

in honor of their most beloved player ever, they should schedule another game before it, in the day time

and have an Opening Day Night double header

because Ernie’s right, any day at Wrigley is wonderful,

and maybe this will please Heaven.